My Identity

I'm multiracial Chinese & German. More specifically my heritage is southern Chinese Cantonese- and Taishanese-speaking culture and Northern German Hochdeutsch-speaking culture. I'm the first generation born in the US. By definition, I will always be in interracial relationships, and that shapes both my experiences of relationships and my concepts of how I move through my heritage communities.


As a heads up, please do not refer to me as "half" anything. Using "and" is a good way not to do this (for example, "Yosia is Chinese and German"). I also really, really hate a lot of the (mis)concept(ion)s around "passing" in relation to multiracial folks.


I'm bilingual and speak both English and Spanish in my daily life. I am not fluent in any of my heritage languages, which is a deep pain point, though I have studied two of them and still have hopes of one day learning.


I'm disabled. I've had hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome since birth (inherited by my mother), but we only received a diagnoses in 2017 because I advocated for myself and her as patients. I'm almost certain I would have continued without a diagnosis if I had kept waiting for medical professionals to help me. Living with EDS means that I experience chronic pain, fatigue, and a whole host of comorbid issues like adrenaline surges/crashes, dysautonomia, Raynaud's, IBS-C, and the list goes on. I also experience depression and anxiety.


I'm nonbinary, and the word I feel currently best describes me is multigender. I identify with multiple genders simultaneously (including in some ways feeling agender), and "genderfluid" does not apply because my core gender identity does not shift, although my gender presentation has been very fluid for my entire life. For a long time I didn't understand that my internal gender was not determined by how I looked, but once I let go of that notion, I realized that my internal sense of my gender has been consistent for as long as I can remember. Among the genders I identify with, being a woman is included, so I'm comfortable with the "she" pronoun though I don't know that I necessarily prefer it; I'm currently experimenting with gender-neutral pronouns and seeing how they feel. Tl;dr: for pronouns feel free to use they/them, any other non-binary pronoun. I won't get too upset if you use she/her, but I am starting to transition they/them.


My relationship with my body is complicated, due to many different things: my disability, gender dysphoria, racial dysphoria, and internalized fatphobia.


I'm queer, allosexual, and romantic.


I'm an entrepreneur. There are few things that make me happier than a good organizing/categorizing session. I lean towards vegetarianism and love all kinds of animals, including snakes, spiders, and other under-loved creatures. I'm passionate about social justice, archiving, historical & cultural preservation, languages, generational cycles, and finding ways to create mutually supportive community. 


Format for this page inspired by S. Qiouyi Lu's Identities.